Finding shapes in architectual photography

As featured on Manfrotto Imagine More blog.

In big cities, more often than not, you’re surrounded by architecture and skyscrapers. Finding shapes while shooting architecture is not difficult. The ‘easiest’ and most straight-forward shot, is to stand in the middle of the building and get a perfectly symmetrical shot. Be sure to turn on the grid function on your camera or phone for perfect symmetry in your shots that satisfy your compulsive tendencies. But there is more to it and mountains of skills to earn in order to capture more creative photos of the same building to create different compositions.

A look-up or look-down shot is good for starters. If the building you’re in is pretty tall – say 20+ floors high – try shooting from the bottom level, then go to the mid level (e.g. 10th floor), then go to the top level to scout the building and get the most out of your stroll. Each floor will offer a slightly different angle, that could make or break your quest for the perfect shot. Having a deeper understanding of the building will help you find the perfect floor, for the perfect angle, leading to a perfectly framed shot.

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