Journey through Tokyo landmarks

As featured on Manfrotto Imagine More blog.

Tokyo is known for its chaos that runs strong in the heart of one of the most systematized nation in the world. Chaos is easily experienced by a quick glance at the Shibuya zebra crossing, the rush hour stroll – or more a struggle – through Shinjuku Station, and the glamorous night lights that wrap around the city’s skyline.


The city resonates with the mood put forth by movies such as Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner 2049. For night photography, I highly recommend starting your adventure in Roppongi Hills. Roppongi Hills provide fabulous views of the Tokyo Tower, where you can capture the landmark from different angles. On the ground floor, sit two spots that are great for capturing the tower from a slightly elevated angle, giving the image a contrast between cityscape and streetscape.

Once you’ve captured the perfect shot from the ground floor of the observatory, you can then go up for the skyline view. I usually refrain from paid areas just for a view, but the observatory provides the most memorable view of Tokyo.

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