Roadtrip around Tasmania

As featured on Manfrotto Imagine More blog.

I recently went on a trip to Tasmania, an isolated island state off the southern coast of Australia. Tasmania is known for its vast rugged wilderness areas. I was accompanied by a few of my photographer friends, and needless to say, the trip was very photo-oriented.


We carefully designed our itinerary over the course of a few weeks, with cautious planning to hit the right spots at the right time. The glue that held our itinerary together was lighting conditions. Depending on the location, we had to match the time of day that would best complement the landscape or setting. Sunrise, or Golden Hour is named such because it’s one of the most precious time of day. In other words, there was a lot of waking up at 3am, driving 2 hours, shooting astro and sunrise, then heading back for a nap before heading to the next location.


Capturing nature is a completely different game compared to cityscapes. There is a lot more planning and research involved. Variables such as time of day, weather conditions, cloud formations, fog/mist, and possibly the location of the cluster of stars in the sky, are crucial to the setup. For astrophotography, I use apps like SkyView where it identifies stars and constellations simply by pointing your phone towards the sky. It is the best way to estimate the perfect time to line up the perfect astro shot. This is when things like, “3:43am – Depart Hotel,” and, “4:47am – Set up tripod at Cradle Mountain,” start to become commonplace in your itinerary.

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